Monday, December 13, 2010

9 and 1/2

Did you figure out what the perfect Christmas mall music is?

Christmas Carol Countdown #9½: Kenny G playing Walking in a Winter Wonderland of course! What is better? Kenny G was really close to making it to the top 5 Christmas CD list. I remember the first Christmas that my brother and I did our own Christmas shopping we went to Target and got my mom his newest CD (at the time). We were so proud of ourselves! Kenny G is great background music when reading or catching up on email.

There is not much news in my life other than Christmas Carol Countdown. I am embarking on Marathon Training week 4 today. I am also reading Tim Keller’s A Reason for God. You should check it out. I did not want to read it because I thought it would be too deep, but it is really understandable. I seriously think you should read it, if you have not!

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