Thursday, December 9, 2010

The top 5 AND number 11

Hey ya'll.  It is time to talk about number 11 AND the top 5 Christmas CDs in my opinion.  Yeah, I am old-school and I like CDs still.

Christmas Carol Countdown #11: Christmastime
This is a song by Michael W. Smith.  I love it.  It has a choir singing.  It has pretty music playing in the background.  It has Michael W. Smith singing.  It is a great mix of all things Christmas.  I am actually listening to right now.  It is not the Christmas season until I hear this song!

My 5 favorite Christmas CDs
1.) Amy Grant A Christmas Album: This is my childhood right here!  I LOVE this collection of Christmas songs. I could go on and on about this, but I will refrain.  All I am going to say is that I potentially listen to this before Thanksgiving every year :)

2.) Point of Grace A Christmas Story: I got this CD for my birthday when I was in jr high or high school (in my old age my memory is fading) I am sooo sad that I left this one in the USofA.  They never play all the songs on the radio from this CD.  So sad.

3.) Avalon Joy: I think I got this CD around the same time as I got the Point of Grace CD.  I think there was one December that it was the only CD that I listened to in my truck on the way to and from school.

4.) MercyMe The Christmas Sessions: My roommate in college had this CD.  I loved listening to it.  It is really great.  I think I would ask her to play it sometimes.  Good Memories, Good CD

5.) Michael W. Smith Christmastime: amazing collection. what else can I say?

Moving on to other excitement in my life:  IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It did not accumulate.  But I did walk to HomePlus while it was snowing.  I feel like most of the Koreans were freaking out.  They were in disbelief.  It was cute.  Anywho, when I got to HomePlus what greeted my eyes?  Women with shopping carts full of  (go ahead make a guess).....cabbage.  Yes, the carts were FULL.  If I could have taken a picture without being awkward, I would have.  Koreans love their cabbage.  I was at HomePlus to do some Christmas shopping.  I got to a buy a pencil bag for our Orphanage Kiddo.  (Our church helps out an orphanage once a month - the boys LOVE my amazing husband because he can play soccer with them).  Now pencil bags are a whole another thing in Korea. I got the pinball pencil case.  It holds pencils on the inside but the outside is a mini pinball machine.  There are all sorts of gizmos like this.  It was so fun to do some Christmas shopping.  I am HORRIBLE at thinking of gifts, but once I think of something, then I love to go shopping for it.  So if I know you and you ever would like to give me hints as to what you want for Christmas, I would very much appreciate it!  

Hint for the next song: I asked my classes what they wanted for Christmas and one my students shocked me by answering with this song title :)  good luck!

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